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The Vespers in rehearsal

The choir specialises in the performance of sacred polyphony in illuminating thematic, liturgical and physical contexts, aiming to recreate the grandeur and excitement of the European Renaissance, and especially the Tudor age in England and the Iberian ‘Golden Age’. The choir also performs baroque and contemporary works.

The choir’s annual season of concerts in Cambridge is often focused on a specific theme. Recent projects have included:

2008 - Monteverdi: three concerts including a performance of the Vespers in Trinity College Chapel, his masses, madrigals and extracts from Orfeo.

2007 - A voyage around Britten

2006 - The Bach Motets

2003 / 04 – The Golden Age: Music for the Royal Houses of Spain and Portugal, including works by Morales, Gombert, Rogier, Victoria, Cardoso, Alonso Lobo and Duarte Lobo

2002 / 03 – England 1603: Music for Elizabeth I and James I, including music by Taverner, Sheppard, Parsons, Tallis, White, Morley, Byrd, Weelkes, Tomkins, Ramsey and Gibbons.

2001 / 02 – Great Masses of the Renaissance, including works by Palestrina, Lobo, Victoria, Tallis and Taverner

2000 / 01 – Europe 1500, including works by Cornysh, Browne, Wilkinson, De la Rue, Penalosa, Escobar and Josquin

1999 / 2000 – The Motets of J.S. Bach

Highlights of previous seasons have included a celebration of the music of John Taverner on the 450th anniversary of his death, including a prestigious commission from the contemporary composer, John Tavener, (1995/6), and Europe 1600, an exploration of the music of five great European cities at the turn of the seventeenth century (1996/7).




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